Here are some notes of different codes that I have made or used that might be useful to have available here to both the reader and myself. Be wary mistakes and please don't hesitate to report them to me. More codes are available on my github page.

  1. asevolution A modification of gevolution that evolves the non-linear and dynamic (a)symmetron dark energy model.
  2. AsGRD A modification of asevolution that evolves gravitational waves sourced by the (a)symmetron
  3. Christoffel calculator An implementation in sympy that finds the Christoffel symbols of any spacetime where the metric is specified, linearised in the metric potentials.
  4. Charged black hole matched filtering bias A python code that finds the bias in parameter estimation of a charged black hole binary that is interpreted as uncharged. The charge is assumed to be within a dark sector. It is only applicable to the inspiral part of the merger.